The Art of Knowing is a collection of remarkable philosophical essays by blue-collar cosmologist Christopher Michael Langan.  Chris Langan writes with a clarity that enables him to present complex material in an accessible format without compromising depth of content.  As usual, he imparts his message with wisdom and a characteristic touch of humor.  

Part I of The Art of Knowing consists of a series of groundbreaking essays that outline the basic philosophy behind his model of reality, the Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe (CTMU), and how such a theory creates a framework for human ethos.  

Part II contains essays related to neurological correlates of spirituality, the advent of machine intelligence, the mind-body connection and other topics in ethics and metaphysics.  Two of Langan's very popular publicly available articles are reprinted in the collection: the ecological parable, Millennium Mouse, and the metaphorical introduction to reality theory, A Very Brief History of Time.

The Art of Knowing:

Expositions on Free Will and Selected Essays

by Christopher Michael Langan

Mega Press 2002
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