For those who don't know me yet, I'm a philosopher and independent researcher best known for possessing a trio of mutually incongruous distinctions: a world-class IQ (as some have kindly described it); a resume heavy on blue-collar occupations like ranch hand, construction worker, firefighter, and bar bouncer; and being the originator of an unique worldview known as the Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe, a novel conceptual framework relating mind and reality and thus revealing the universe as a self-actualizing teleological entity. Although much of my current work centers on developing and explicating the CTMU and exploring its relationship to modern science, philosophy, and theology, my views and interests range over a wide variety of topics, and this is where some of them will make their home.

I'll be doing most of my writing from Tianadara, the 140-acre horse ranch that I share with my lovely wife Genie in the beautiful Green Hills of Missouri. Thanks for visiting, and may your visit be a thoughtful one.

Chris Langan