On Power Testing vs. 
Real World Achievement: 
"People with high scores on such tests can demonstrate their problem solving ability in their careers. What is the need for prior selection?" - p. 24

On the High-IQ Societies: 
"If there were a subgroup of UltraHIQ individuals all with a similar vision, aim and dedication to achieve their common purpose, that would be something!"
- p. 34

On Individual Differences: 
"A just society can help people in need without resorting to discrimination on the basis of irrelevant criteria involving group-membership."
p. 87


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Discussions on
Genius and Intelligence

Mega Foundation Interview with 
Arthur Jensen

Christopher Michael Langan
Gina Lynne LoSasso with Members of the Mega Foundation, Mega International and the Ultranet

2002 Mega Foundation Press

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